Christian Coaching

Let’s talk about coaching. A lot of people confuse a coach with a counselor or a psychologist, sometimes even a consultant, but none of those accurately describe what a coach really does.

  • A coach isn’t a counselor. Counseling is more about talking through issues and problems. Coaching is more about plotting a course to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • A coach isn’t a psychologist who is licensed to work on a variety of psychological issues. Coaches don’t delve deep into anyone’s past or psychology. A coach focuses on your current actions and behaviors and what you need to do to move forward.
  • A coach isn’t a consultant either. A consultant is hired to do a specific job. With coaching, it isn’t the coach who does the work but the coachee that does.

A life coach is just that … a coach for your life. If you are familiar with sports, you are familiar with what a coach does. They work with their athletes to devise a game plan. They oversee practices, emphasize the players strengths and develop their weakness. They cheer them on! They prepare them for the game but the coach doesn’t take the field, the player does.

So what does a Christian Coach do?

Well, a Christian life coach does the same thing a secular life coach does with one major exception. A Christian Coach recognizes that none of us are in this alone, we follow Christ’s lead. Together, coach, coachee and Christ, we form a strong rope of three cords (Ecclesiastes 4:12). We look for and follow His guidance throughout the coaching process.

Coaching is done over the phone so you can have a session in the comfort of your home, on the go in your car or wherever you are!

It starts with a free consultation where you can see first-hand what coaching can do for you. If we decide to proceed, coaching sessions occur weekly. To see results, I suggest coaching for a minimum of three months.

  • Solo Sister coaching packages are available for women that want individualized coaching sessions.
  • Sister Circles are group coaching packages that are perfect for church members, Bible study groups or just a group of close friends.

Because everyone might not one direct coaching, there are also coaching programs that are delivered directly to your inbox. With these 6-week Coaching Programs, the client receives weekly emails with a video and a weekly assignment. They also receive access to a closed Facebook group where they can connect with others in the program. These programs are available for just $45.

A Christian Life Coach can help you …

  • Sharpen Your Focus
  • Build and Strengthen Your Faith
  • Hold You Accountable for Your Actions
  • See Real Results
  • Overcome Overwhelming Obstacles
  • Identify and Strengthen Your Assets
  • Walk in Line with God’s Purpose for You
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