Living Lessons

With our Living Lessons, we take six weeks to delve into a single topic in a way that fits into your busy life. Delivered to your inbox every week, you will have:

  • Coaching videos
  • Weekly assignments
  • Daily devotionals
  • Access to a private Facebook group

Cost: $45

What does God want from us? Well, first, He wants a relationship with us. Next, He wants us to treat our neighbor as well as we treat ourselves. And, then He wants us to have some contentment in this life. All the while realizing that this life is temporary and leading to one that is eternal.

Relationship – Weeks 1 and 2 – We start by looking at, building and strengthening our relationship with the Lord.

  • Week One: Who is God? What has He done for us? What does His word say?
  • Week Two: What does it really mean that Jesus died for our sins? How should that affect the way we live from day-to-day as Christians?

Rapport – Weeks 3 and 4 – We’ve looked at how the Lord loves us, now we look at using His example to love one another.

  • Week Three: Agape love – Love that is patient and kind. This is the love that we show to each other.
  • Week Four: Loving everyone isn’t easy but it is what we are called to do.

Recreation – God has given us gifts, passions, talents and abilities, how are we using them to see God in ourselves and our lives?

  • Week Five: Uncovering your God-given talents and interests.
  • Week Six: Using your talents for the Kingdom.

The On-Purpose Living course begins on April 22nd.

As Christians, we need to make love a priority. And, not just when love is easy. We have to love those who don’t love us. We need to show the love God shows for us to others – friends, foes and indifferent.

  • Week One – God is Love – We look at Biblical examples of God’s love and especially how he loves us in spite of our mistakes and shortcomings.
  • Week Two – Jesus’ Love for Us – Jesus was betrayed by one of his closest friends and denied by another one. His own people wanted him executed. Yet, he still gave his life so we could have life everlasting..
  • Week Three – When Loving Others is Hard – Love isn’t always easy. There is betrayal. There is pain. There is loss. There is suffering. All of these things make some people harder to love.
  • Week Four – Forgiveness – As hard as forgiveness is, if we are going to ask the Lord to forgive us, you have to be prepared to forgive others. But what does forgiveness look like?
  • Week Five – Loving Yourself – Sometimes the hardest person to love or forgive is yourself. But if the Lord loves you and has already forgiven you, you have to love and forgive yourself.
  • Week Six – Living Love – What would it look like for you to live a life of love? What are the areas where love comes easily and where is love more difficult to find?

This course begins on June 3rd.

Each Living Lessons course is $45. Sign up here.

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