Recommended Podcasts

The Proverbs 31 Podcast will help you apply biblical wisdom to your current season of life — whether you’re in your twenties or eighties. It will help you learn to value the people around you who are in different seasons by finding common ground in your struggles. Finally, it helps you start your day off right or make your commute more enjoyable by conveniently accessing it through your podcast app. Listen here

Christian Quotes

The Christian Quotes podcast with Ryan Maher is a podcast created for you, the Christian. Whether you are a pastor, a youth group attendee, a non-church goer, a new or mature believer – this podcast is for you. It provides quick encouragement from the Bible and well-known Christian authors, each week. We all could use a little more encouragement throughout our days. Each episode features a Christian Quote, along with Scripture and commentary. Each episode ends with an awesome resource that every Christian is sure to love. Think of this podcast as an audio devotional meant to encourage you and help you make a difference for the Lord. Hear quotes from your favorite Christian authors such as C.S. Lewis, Joyce Meyer, Charles Stanley, Billy Graham, John Piper, Joel Osteen, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Christine Caine, John Eldredge, Judah Smith, Dan Mohler, Todd White and many more! Listen here

A podcast dedicated to examining Biblical truth. The Bible is filled with useful, practical and relevant truth. The Bible is a mirror, a map, a guide, a light, a hammer, a voice, a drink, food and life. Listen here