Solo Sister Coaching

Solo Sister

Solo Sister coaching packages are one-on-one coaching sessions for ladies who appreciate the intimate and exclusive time with a coach. Since these are focused sessions, each session is 45 minutes in length. Each session ends with an assignment for the week. Following each session, the coachee will receive a session recap summarizing the session and the weekly assignment.

In addition to the coaching session, the coachee will have three Touchbase Text sessions where they can text me between sessions for quick and targeted text chat.

1 month: $250 (4 sessions)
3 month: $600 (12 sessions)
Payments can be made monthly for $200/mo

*A 15% discount is available for one single payment of $510

Before the coach and coachee commit to a coaching relationship, the coachee has a free consultation with the coach. This gives the coachee a great taste of what the coaching relationship will be like. After this session, the coach and coachee can determine a start time for weekly sessions.